Nuisance Bird Removal

Grocery and warehouse outlets with automatic doors and open loading bays often experience nuisance bird problems. Contracting a bird removal service is expensive, disruptive, and time consuming. Technicians typically arrive days or weeks after birds have entered the store, damaged products, and spread droppings. Because birds have time to enjoy the store’s food, water, warmth, and shelter, after they are removed, they often return several days later, repeating the cycle.

Advanced Matrix provides hands-on training (at a fraction of the cost) so your own maintenance staff can quickly and safely remove birds, unharmed, from your premises. Plus, we offer proprietary technology that facilitates capture within minutes. Birds have no time to become familiar with store provisions and so tend not to return.

We offer training in the following areas:

  • General Overview of Bird Behavior
  • Nuisance Bird Health and Safety Concerns
  • Selection of Required Equipment
  • Proper Placement and Setup of Capture Nets
  • Safe Removal of Birds from Capture Nets
  • Ingress Prevention Strategies